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My philosophy as a teacher is to meet a student where they are at and help them grow in a way that makes sense for them as an individual. My own path in music has been a winding road and I know the value of following your unique passions. Along with that, I strive for all my students know that I am a student of music too. I make mistakes, I have to practice, I get frustrated. I am just a little further along the path and can help them get closer to where they want to go. 

I offer lessons in-person at my studio, in your home, or virtually. Lessons can focus on songwriting, piano, drum-set, music production, or any combination of those areas. I have been fortunate enough to study with masterful pianists and drummers and love to share all the things I have learned. I have years of experience teaching age 4 to adults. Get in contact to discuss rates, I offer sliding scale for people who need financial support. Lets make it work!

Playing drums in You are the Garden, performing a song of mine titled "Ornamented Picture Frame"

A recording of Bach's E major Fugue from the first book of the Well Tempered Clavier

Laura D.

parent of piano students

"Andy has been a wonderful piano teacher for my 7 year old daughter and 9 year old son. He is very patient and flexible in his teaching approach and encourages an understanding of music that goes beyond traditional piano lessons. Both of my children love taking lessons with Andy and have learned so much from him."

Caitlyn S.

Adult Piano

"Been coming here for a few months now and I can't recommend it enough. I am an adult learner working with Andy for classical piano. He is always enthusiastic and a great teacher. I look forward to my lessons every week."

Susan E.

parent of piano and songwriting student 

"I wanted to thank you for being such a phenomenal teacher to my son Michael. What you have taught him in these past few months has changed his life for the better. I am forever grateful."
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