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Andy Danstrom is a drummer, pianist and composer who lives in Chicago. Since finishing his Jazz Studies degree at DePaul University in 2018, he has gone on to perform at venues such as The Jazz Showcase, Andy’s Jazz Club, the Chicago Jazz Fest and the Hyde Park Jazz Fest. Aside from performing as a drummer, Andy has dedicated himself to studying classical piano; working with award winning pianists to develop his technique and interpretive abilities. He also is a composer and bandleader, leading his project "You are The Garden," a unique chamber ensemble that blends minimalism and themes of modern americana. This multi-disciplinary approach is important to him, “it helps me to understand aspects of each field in new ways. The way that the skills transfer from one field to another is always unpredictable and exciting.” Above all, Andy views his musicality through the lens of his personal voice that goes beyond any one creative discipline. 

Along with his own musical practice, Andy loves to share his knowledge of music and help students to build their own practice. His goal as a teacher is to empower students to connect to their musical voice and share whatever tools he has to help them strengthen that voice. Andy views teaching and studying as a continuum that all musicians are a part of, even if they don’t consider themselves a teacher. “Anytime a musician plays their instrument, they are sharing their personal view on what music is, what makes it special to them, and that is something that a listener will undoubtedly learn from.”

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